Saturday, 22 October 2016


So, here we go with the second instalment of the kitchen refurbishment - and it feels like it's an enormous mountain to climb!  (But at least it's not the highest...)

So where have we got to?

The first job was to install the wiring for the electrics along with the water pipes and prepare the walls for plastering. You can see the plasterboard in these pictures, waiting to go up.

Then the plastering began. And this made a huge difference to how the room looked, particularly as it dried from dark to light.

Then the ceiling was painted. We'd hoped to get the walls done too, before the floor arrived, but the plastering was delayed and so it was not to be.

The floor fitter arrived on Wednesday and his first job was to cover the floor with a layer of stuff (technical term).

Then he began the fitting, which took a couple of days.  These things are always nerve-wracking. You're never sure if you have made the right choice or if it will look right. And what an expensive mistake it would be. However, the chap who laid the floor said he would have chosen the same planks and that they suited the room exactly. What do you think?

We're really pleased. It's starting to look like a room and soon it will also start to look like a kitchen. It's high ceilinged and at the north-west corner of the house so not particularly light. However, the floor makes it feel cosier and warmer.

The next big event is the Aga arriving, which is this week, with the kitchen arriving the week after. The kitchen fitter is coming on Monday to survey the job.

The 'fridge arrived today, and the dishwasher and extractor fan have been ordered.  We're still deciding on a tap and have to make a final decision about the worktops for the units by the Aga and the sink.  But the worktop for the island has been chosen, the paint for the walls has been selected and our thoughts are starting to turn to the final touches.

It's been a long time in conception and it's both exciting and frightening to see our ideas coming to fruition.  Exciting to see what was once in our heads becoming reality and frightening in case we've got it wrong!

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