Monday, 31 October 2016

K -1

K -1 was a Sunday and, at last, a day without workmen all over the house.  The clocks went back, which meant that we were up nice and early.  The perfect opportunity to try a full English in the Aga.  And, sorry, but I forgot to take a photograph.  It worked.  It was relatively easy.  We've got the hang of toasting with a tennis racket.  Just need to mug up now on how to clean the thing!

Then it was off into the garden again.  I'd resigned myself to leaving the vegetable patch until the spring but here was an opportunity to get things back on track.  I've been observing activity at the local allotments, where I walk the dog.  And everybody is covering their beds with plastic sheeting.  I can only assume that this is to keep weeds down and to heat the soil ready for early planting. 

I don't have plastic sheeting but I do have some cloth-like membrane stuff for going under paths so I thought I would use that.  And, if you remember, I am also making paths, although the crazy paving plan has been jettisoned in favour of wood chip walkways!   You may also remember that I am using low hazel hurdles to outline the vegetable beds. 

Despite my pessimism about the garden having gone to rack and ruin for this year, I made great progress today.  I've used all of my hurdles to make three beds and will now have to order more in order to finish the whole area.  Each of the beds is covered with the black matting, as are the paths, but I need to get some compost or manure to fill them up and, not least, to try to improve the soil for next year.  I also need to get some wood chip for the paths. 

It looks quite good in the photos but I have to admit that, in reality, it's a bit wonky.  Hopefully, any defects will be disguised when the beds are bursting with organic veg.

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