Saturday, 22 October 2016

Hotting Up!

Again, recapping from last year.  Forgive me, dear reader...

The exciting news for this year (2015) is that much work has been taking place on the heating system.  Firstly, and probably rather incoherently, our wondrous tiler, Hector, came to tile the pantry floor.  The first plan was to try to renovate the red tiles that were already down.  However, to cut a long story and three days of Hector’s labour short, this proved to be an impossible task.  So, we decided to cover the tiles with new tiles.  

We decided to go for the same as we had chosen for the tiles in the hearth for the new wood-burning stove (Did I blog about this ? Must check!).  And Hector managed to source the tiles for the same price as we had paid for the tiles in the hearth.  (Thank you, Fired Earth!) Which was just a little galling but better than the other way round, I suppose.

Both being masters in the art of management psychobabble, S and I have appointed a mentor to help us with the heating system. Of course, not just any old mentor.  Plumb Bob Derek (PBD) is a retired REME colonel with a doctorate. The heating system should, therefore, be like no other.  He arrives for a day at the weekend, rushes through the house like a whirlwind and leaves S with a list of jobs to be accomplished during the week. Which S does and more. And, on top of that, PBD is great fun to have around with a fantastic line in extravagant metaphor.  Example: She’s as hard as a woodpecker’s lips.  He’s certainly one to be cherished. Not least for his plumbing ability. 

So now we have wonderful piping in the pantry, courtesy of S.  And, finally, on Saturday, one of the new tanks (of two) went into the bedroom cupboard.  The next stage is the arrival of the plumber, supposedly on Thursday, but we know how sensitive these building artistes can be.  His job will be to sort out the trench for the big pipe coming in from the road that will enable us to have hot water galore!  The excitement and anticipation is almost too much.  We’re into the fourth year of our rather erratic heating system that was never designed to handle multiple baths and showers.  More to follow as work progresses but just take a moment or two to admire that tank!

Quality Control Checking the Piping in the Pantry (Note the Tiles!)
Admire the Pipes
Piping to the First Floor
Update: Of course, what then happened was that S went back to work and so we are paying a local company to complete the job in double-quick time!

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