Saturday, 29 October 2016

K Minus 4

The Aga has landed!

It took two chaps from about 8.30 on Wednesday morning until one o'clock in the afternoon to get it up and running.  Remember that it had been removed from our friends' house in Durham earlier this year and had spent the summer in Nottingham.  It arrived in bits - which is helpful as I can't imagine that you can easily lift one up! - and they assembled it in situ.

They switched it on and left.  The smell of hot metal is filled the house for a couple of days but it reached full heat in about five hours.

It arrived minus various bits and pieces, which was a great excuse to head to our local Aga shop and spend even more money. Then we tested it, managing to cook sausages, baked potatoes, a pear crumble and some granola.  We've also started to perfect our Aga toast technique.

We're planning fish pie this evening, a full English and a full roast tomorrow, then it has to be switched off for the arrival of the kitchen fitters on Monday.  We don't want them to get too warm.  And having a kitchen (not to mention lights!) will help our attempts to cook on it.

Andy the Stove from Nottingham

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