Thursday, 27 October 2016

K Minus 6

Shall we just pause to admire the floor again...

I think it's the right choice, don't you?  It's warm and it looks aged.  However, we are neurotic about it and won't let anyone stand on it. Hopefully, the novelty will wear off in a day or two. It reminds me of my brother's story of the street where my grandma lived, Milvain Street in Gateshead. Not an area for the rich, shall we say, but the women would spend hours scrubbing their front steps until they gleamed. He once attempted to step onto Meggie Mac's front step, only to be told off. It wasn't for standing on, apparently. It will be the same with this kitchen. People will have to gather in the lobby to admire but not to touch!

With the kitchen arriving on Monday, painting has begun. The walls were first whitewashed with a watered down white emulsion so that it would be absorbed by the plaster. Then two top coats of white emulsion. The final colour will be off white. The room is quite dark and, with the gloomy days that we are having, the bright white walls look quite grey.  I'm hoping that the warmer white will prevent it from looking too gloomy in there.

The back wall, where the Aga will go, has not been painted because a false chimney will be built there. So what's the point, quite frankly?

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