Saturday, 14 November 2015

Pathway to Heaven

I haven't had time to write anything of late - always a sign that work/life balance is out of kilter!  Anyhow, we have not been idle during this period and I have a backlog of reporting to do.

Firstly, the vegetable patch.  And my vision is to have four squares divided by paths.  And because we are lucky enough to have a ton of stone (proving that every cloud, including a collapsed wall, has a silver-lining), we decided to go for crazy paving.

I'm not an aficionado of fashion in relation to paths but my best guess would be that crazy paving is passé, a thing of garden design of the '70s along with pampas grass and patios.  But we have the stone and we are going to use it.  And perhaps we'll start a new trend.

Me.  Doing the Hard Work.

Sand and Cement Down, Stones Placed

Getting Longer...

S Needs Supervision

Supervisor Gets Distracted by a Passing Dog

And One Path Down!

Now we've got one path down, though, we now have decided to point it to make it look really fab.  And we still have two more of the same length to do.  But now the weather has changed.  My plan is to spend nice weekends in the garden and bad weather weekends indoors.  We seem to have spent months and months doing outside jobs.  While we wait for more good weather, the trenches for the other paths have filled with fallen chestnut leaves and  

Happy Birthday, Sprocket!

Four today!  And I noticed that they played the National Anthem on Radio Four in his honour.  Or perhaps it was for Prince Charles who shares his birthday.  The bow tie courtesy of H.