Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Work on the heating system has been going on for some time now.  We've had a couple of slight diversions when we asked the engineer to put in the piping for the kitchen sink and dishwasher, as shown below, as well as pipes for the sink, washing machine and tumble dryer in the pantry (soon to be the utility room).

Preparing for the new kitchen sink

The drain pipe
 It is fair to say that the piping in the utility room is a miracle of plumbing!

The water softener - but check out the pipes to the left!

The cupboard in the pantry

Still in the pantry - all of this will have to be boxed in!
On Thursday evening, the switch over from the old to the new system began. We were left with no heating but we were assured of hot water as the immersion heater had been switched on, they said, confidently.  Alas, we awoke the next day to cold water.  If you left the tap running for long enough, the water seemed to get slightly warmer but it was hard to tell if that was just because your hand was getting used to the cold! So, off to work without a shower! Yeuch!

It turned out that the immersion heater was working fine, it was just that the temperature had been set very low. However, during the course of Friday, the new boilers sprang into life and we are now wholly on the new system. We can't quite get used to the new water pressure - you turn the tap, a geezer springs into life and you get soaked with spray! But at least it's warm!

The thing that hasn't yet happened is our switch to a bigger pipe from the water main.  Goodness knows what the pressure will be like then!

But now we have efficient boilers (which, hopefully, means we can have the heating on a bit more often as it won't cost so much!) and (most exciting of all) a bath full of hot water whenever required.

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