Sunday, 29 September 2013

Third Time Lucky?

The third go at the bathroom, which has been causing me much distress every time I use it or clean it.  Relatively speaking, of course.  We must keep perspective and not act spoiled.  At least we have a bathroom and at least we are able to keep clean.  It was just that the boxing around the piping was so ugly and bulky.  There was a plastic pipe sticking out halfway up the pedestal for the sink.  I'm not pleased with the tiles and wish we hadn't made such a rushed decision.

I've been thinking hard over the months about what to do about it.  Of course, we should have just painted it and got on with other things, coming back to it in due course.  But we couldn't paint because of the leak and the damp patch on the ceiling.  So, after a couple of discussions with S and the builder, we came up with a solution.  Which was to panel with what we call 'butt 'n' bead' panelling, which would stick out from the wall about four inches.  This would hide the pipes but also give a shelf around the room.  The radiator could then come back on the floor.  Previously, it was on top of the boxing.  And we would move the loo back to where it was originally, under the window, in order to reduce the boxing required to cover the much wider pipe.

So, the plan was put into action.  We still haven't painted because of the damp patch and the gaping hole, which still needs to be plastered.  And that can't be plastered until we put the light up by the mirror because the position of the wiring needs to be moved and then that will have to be patched up too.  The only problem is that the light we have ordered doesn't have a switch...

Anyhow, we will paint it this time and I am sure that will make all the difference.  But I think it looks better already.  I hadn't realised that there are no pictures of what it looked like when the tiles came off the boxing and were replaced by skirting board.  But the story so far.  What do you think?  The bathroom journey is shown graphically below.  More pictures to follow when we finally decorate it.

The Original Ladies' and Gents'

Ladies' Sinks

Gents' on the Left

In the Lobby Between the Ladies' and Gents'

In the Gents' Loo
In the Ladies' Loo
Black Tiled Boxing.  Not Good.
Still Not Good 

In the Process of Moving the Loo and Doing the Panelling

Loo and Sink in Position

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