Monday, 2 June 2014

An Old Rectory Wedding: A Celebration in Three Acts (3)

Act III: Glamping

A marquee in the sun

Firstly - how long has it taken me to write this?!  We had our first anniversary in April!!  Anyhow to round off the memory of that lovely wedding weekend last June...

The morning after the wedding. The house was still full of guests so breakfast just seemed to go on and on as people came and went, calling in after checking out from local hostelries and before they left for home.  In the midst of all this, we unpacked our presents.  Our friends and family were so generous and we had the most brilliant, thoughtful gifts.

Once everyone had gone, we decided to have lunch.  Leftovers.  And as the tent was still there, we decided to dine in the marquee.  Of course, S set himself the challenge of emptying the beer barrel and there was still Prosecco to be drunk.

C, D and Uncle J

S - and Sprocket looks on

Guest of Honour

So we settled down, me, S, my mum, Auntie J and Uncle J, H and C.  And Sprocket the dog.  We were joined occasionally by H and D.  Sprocket thought it was great fun and had a whale of a time racing around both the inside and the outside of the marquee in one of his mad fits.

C blows bubbles

And more bubbles

Auntie J joins in

Heart Shaped Strawberry

Worth another picture

And in close up...

Heart Shaped Fruit in Tart

Rampaging dog and H's legs

That's not cricket!

Now you see him...

Now you don't!

Dog dashes by

Where's my ball?
With lunchtime long over, my cousin V arrived to take Auntie J and Uncle J home.  More leftovers for her - and we decided to have more too.  We then waved them off but sat on in the tent as the sun set.

It had been a wonderful weekend.  I've never been one for dreaming about wedding dresses, bridesmaids and grooms.  But I couldn't have asked for a better wedding.  Or a better husband, come to that.  Which is the point of the whole thing, of course.

S in Lay Rector Garb

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