Monday, 23 June 2014

Stoned...or De-Stoned!

Why have I never had a cherry stoner before now?  It is a truly wondrous thing.  Just put in your cherry, squeeze, et voila!  A stoneless cherry.  I got mine from Lakeland (ever eager to get some sponsorship for this blog!) for £7.59.  It does olives too.

A Sparkling Cherry Stoner
I love cherries!  My favourite fruit.  But only ever eat them when they are in season and English.  There is no joy in something that has been shipped from afar and is mean and sour.  My favourite dessert at this time of year is a bowl of berries: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and cherries.  And, towards the end of the summer, blackberries too.  Yummy!

Berries in a Bowl
It's a time of year for salads too.  And I do like a good salad.  This one is from the Waitrose Magazine and is very delicious.  And healthy.  Recipe here.

To complement the salad, we have, of course, freshly baked bread.  S has turned his hand to baking, with great success, and I haven't bought a loaf in weeks.  Some examples of his prowess.

White Bread
Brown Bread
Special Bread Basket for Proving that Creates Those Concentric Circles on the Bread
The Bread Maker's Tools
Walnut and Honey Bread - a Triumph!

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