Monday, 30 June 2014

A Few of my Favourite Things...

Well, not really my favourite things but I was just looking back over the photographs of the past year and I found these, which I haven't included in this blog to date.

Clematis outside the back door.

Daisies in the 'orchard' - pretentious, moi?

Sprocket the Dog

The Vegetable Garden - in our dreams! - at Night

There's something lovely about standing in the garden at night when the house is full of people and the lights are on.  Then it seems like home.

Blue skies and overgrown shrubs

Why would you fly away?  A sunny English spring.  Nothing better.

Toadstools (or mushrooms) covered in Leylandii droppings

The Shaded Path to the Unused Gate - will be the title of my murder novel when I finally get round to writing it!

Bread.  And more to come.  S has become a master baker in recent weeks.  He's fettling his sourdough as we speak.

Great British Bake-Off - my mum or Mary Berry?  It's a tough one.

Hot buttered bread for tea.

Sun rise over the Old Rectory garden.
First outside meal of the year.

Sprocket again.

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