Tuesday, 8 November 2016

K Plus 3

By Thursday, we had a kitchen on our hands. Fancy taking a look?

The front of the island 
The back of the island, where the bar stools will go
The island being inspected by Sprocket

The view from the back of the island to the aga

And from the front to the aga

The run of units by the window

The view as you enter from the lobby

Inside the cupboards either side of the aga

Each of the top drawers has this lovely velvet (or something!) lined cutlery organiser (or whatever they're called)

Look - a fridge!

And a dishwasher!

The sink, underneath its protective board

The bins, which are in the island

The Kitchen Inspector

These shelves will be glass and lit up

These cupboard doors will be painted to match the kitchen (dove grey)

Nothing much happened on Friday, apart from the electrician doing something in the top cupboard of the three above, moving a circuit board or something. So, this was the state of play by the end of Week One.  What will next week bring, we wonder.

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