Monday, 27 July 2015

The Fernery

My brother came to visit at the end of May and helped to start the fernery in the bed outside the Rector's Study.  The bed is to the side of a pathway with the house on one side and a tall wall on the other, so it's very shady.  The perfect place for a fernery, a specialised garden for the cultivation and display of ferns, according to Wikipedia.  And, obviously, in this particular case, it is far from specialised.  But give us some credit for at least trying to cultivate and display them!

The big fern in the centre was brought to us from Northumberland, courtesy of my brother.  It doesn't seem very happy about that so far.  I think it's a polystichum setiferum (so much for 'specialised'!).

This one below is quite pretty in a fern sort of way with its bronzed tips.  A dryopteris erythrosora perhaps.  Sounds like some sort of dinosaur.

This one below is ... well, to be honest, I've got no idea and I've lost the receipt. Note the artful bark (the remains of the chopped leylandii) and slate.  I wasn't going to mention it but I was worried that you wouldn't notice.  It looks nice but Sprocket keeps chasing the squirrels up the wall and cares not a diddly-squat (or a squirrely-dot) that he then shoots the bark all over the path.  So it's a daily job keeping it looking like this.  As if I haven't got enough to do.

And this is a rose - for those not up to plant spotting.  Wedding day.  The rose, that is.

This is the reluctant immigrant from Northumberland, trying hard not to enjoy itself in its new southern fernery.  I bet it wasn't planted in anything as grand as a fernery when it lived up north.  But you know what northerners are like.

And these are californian poppies that bloomed for ages to the side of the fernery, preventing me from extending it as far as I wanted because they looked so pretty.

Oh, and that reminds me that I didn't show you the meadow when the daisies were in bloom.  It looked lovely in the sunshine.

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