Sunday, 12 July 2015

First World Problems

My new favourite excuse for not being able to do something is "I'm sorry, I'm sanding my arbor".  So much more upmarket than simply washing hair.  And it is what I've spent the weekend doing.  My devoted reader may have noticed in previous pictures of the raised beds that the arbor is looking a bit dilapidated.  I'd noticed too and have been putting off doing anything about it for weeks.  Now it's midsummer and we have people coming for lunch next weekend and then visitors the following.  So the time has come.  No excuses.  It's crunch time.  Etc.

S and I both agree that it's the worst job ever.  Sanding the arbor.  As opposed to mining for coal.

Or working in an abattoir.

Or skippering a cargo round the Cape of Good Hope in the face of Somali pirates.

All a complete walk in the park in comparison to getting out the sander and taking it with a grim face to the arbor.

However, my new dream tool is S's Dewalt sander.  Dewalt to his friends.  And, oh, am I his friend!  I have never used a better sander.  For sanding arbors, obviously.

So, a weekend well spent.  A horrible job almost finished.  And another first world problem overcome.

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