Thursday, 7 March 2013


Hot off the press from the Historical Society:

Underneath the corbels is a plaque, which is apparently called a date stone.  It has the initials 'G.C.'.  The Historical Society think that this may be one Guido Clinton (what a great name!) who was vicar of H-------- at that time and also left the church some land which formed the basis of the Clinton Trust now held by the Church and worth a cool million.

A quick Google shows that he was vicar from 1562-1589.  I wonder if he lived where this house is.  I wonder if this house is that old in parts.  

And then I found this: 

The Rev Guido Clinton, Vicar of H--------, gave five acres of land, lying in the common fields of Eastrop and Westrop.  On the inclosure of the parish, which took place upwards of 40 years since, a piece of land, containing about two and a half acres, was awarded to the vicar and church wardens.  The land is a close of pasture near the town and is let by the church wardens to William Baker, as yearly tenant, at the annual rent of 10/-, which is received by the church wardens and applied towards the repairs of the church.

(House of Commons Papers, Vol. 21, Part 2, 1835)

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