Friday, 15 March 2013

Going Green For A White Christmas

Flicking through the photographs that I have taken, there are many that I haven't published from around Christmas time.  These that follow were the efforts by S and C to adorn the tree in front of the house with Christmas lights.  I'd bought solar powered ones from an online store.  In my head, the tree would be bristling with lights and look beautiful.  But its actually quite big and 40' of lights was probably not enough.  And then there was the problem of how to wind them around the tree and to reach the top.  A small child was required.  One that was good at climbing.

A Tree In Need Of Christmas Lights

In the absence of said small child, the ever ingenious S created a useful light-hanging device out of a long pole and a big nail.  I don't think he's the new James Dyson though.  I can't quite see it catching on.  Sadly.

C Looking Decidedly Dubious About The Merits Of His Father's Thought Processes
Still Not Much Sign Of S Doing Much...

S In His Standard 'Director of Operations' Mode

Of course, 40' only covered half the tree.  The lights went a third of the way up and were heavily weighted towards one side.  They didn't hang in wonderful waves as they did in my head.  Perhaps a man with a ladder might have managed it.  Rather than one with a pole and a nail.

I tried to take a picture of the finished article.  But the solar lights, bright for the first couple of nights, dimmed to a dull grey glow.  Not quite the Christmas scene that I had envisaged.  But then, isn't Christmas always a bit like that?

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