Saturday, 20 October 2012

Toilet Training

Hopefully, we will have more planning time for future stages of this renovation.  Then we will be able to identify flooring, lighting and other materials at our leisure, making sure that it results in a look that we are happy is sympathetic to the house.  And that's the first lesson: to take our time.  Of course, for this first bathroom, this hasn't been possible as the imperative was to get a bathroom together asap, to have it inspected and to make completion on 26th October.

The next lesson is to insist that the builders cover the flooring.  I asked for this on Day One but, when the junior builder said that he would have to go to the builder's merchants to get plastic sheeting, I relented and provided some of my mum's old sheets.  Probably a death trap on floors (especially when carrying a cast-iron bath!), these were quickly dispensed with.  The stair carpet is not lovely; it's industrial.  But we are going to have to live with it for some time to come as we can't afford another.  The carpet cleaner has said that he will see what he can do with it.  Let's hope he can make it look reasonably decent.  Next time, I won't take pity on the junior.  Second lesson: insist that the carpets are covered.

Watching the plasterer plastering with the sanitary ware in situ was nerve wracking.  The floor was covered in sheeting and rubble.  I have yet to inspect the tiles and whether they have been scatched or damaged in some other way.  The plasterer wasn't happy; I wasn't happy.  Third lesson: make sure that things are done in the correct order.

Once the excitement of the first week was over, the builders seemed to wander off and lose interest.  I think we might have retained the impetus if we had everything absolutely organised and materials in place from the word go.  Then we could have capitalised on their enthusiasm.  Fourth lesson: strike while the iron is hot.

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