Saturday, 20 October 2012

An Inspector Calls

The surveyor arrived on Friday, just before one.  I met him at the gates.  He looked benign enough.  We went into the house and I took him into the room containing the sanitary ware.  And he confirmed that it is, in fact, a bathroom.  What a relief!

He said he was going to write his report that afternoon.  So, hopefully, it is with the Halifax now and we are on for completion on Friday.

It's going to be an interesting week.

The builders returned from wherever it is that builders mysteriously disappear to during the course of a job.  There was some tidying up and the plumber and his aged apprentice fitted the shower, which had been tiled that morning.  I'm sure that in any other business the apprentice would have grounds for a harassment case as he was cursed, beaten and generally abused for the fact that shower doors are apparently difficult to fit.

Plumber Being Sightly More Polite to Builder

So, the plan for Monday is that yet another skip arrives and the final piles of rubbish left by the marketing company will be removed.  The pipes in the bathroom need to be boxed in and then the only thing left is the radiator, which we are yet to order.  The carpet cleaner is arriving on Monday afternoon and will begin working down through the house so I guess that I'm going to have to hoover ahead of him and get rid of the piles of twigs in some of the fireplaces.

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