Saturday, 18 May 2013

Here We Go Gathering Nuts in May!

It was the May Day Fair a couple of weeks ago.  The first May bank holiday and a glorious weekend.  The weather wasn’t that great initially on the Saturday morning but we headed up into the market square, passing Jack o’ the Green on the way, wearing a large, foliage-covered, garland-like framework, covering his body from head to foot.  And looking a tad wickerman, to be honest.  The name refers to the garland and the tradition dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries in England, revived in Whitstable, Kent in 1976.  

Not Our Jack o the Green As I Forgot to Photograph Him - But Just to Give You the General Idea
 What a great event this proved to be, as the sun got hotter and the spirit of May time permeated the crowd.  There were stalls and snakes, cider and farmyard animals.  The Roman theme meant that people were wandering around in strange attire.  We bumped into loads of people that we knew.  We had coffee in one of the local cafes, then lunch in the church hall, sitting in the sun.
Fun in the High Street

A Roman on stilts...?  Is that how Hadrian built that wall so high?

The Mayor - if only she'd bothered to dress up!

My mum's blood nurse!

B the Morris Man

Beautiful Roman Girls
The Morris dancers were there.  The infamous Icknield Way Morris Men (, who dance in the Vale of the White Horse and whose members include my ex-colleague, B, who managed to persuade S and C to join in.  Despite the pleas that the whole episode should never be spoken of again, I can’t resist showing you the brilliance of their cross-ups.  Or should that read ‘cock ups’…

We bumped into some friends who had not seen the house so left the fair for yet another tour.  I might start selling tickets!  We then remembered the croquet set that I had bought the boys at Christmas so had our first match.  We didn’t know the rules but that didn’t stop us.  I was last.  S won.  It must be all the time he spends on the golf course practicing.  I knew it would come in useful for something.  We are now planning to buy a petanque set so that we can pretend to be in the South of France as we throw metals balls about on the gravel.  

And, finally, it was a glorious evening.  Remember this?

Well, that evening it looked like this:

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