Saturday, 18 May 2013

April Flowers

It’s spring at last.  So, let’s take a little walk around the garden in the sunshine to see what flowers are emerging from between the brambles and ivy.  Let’s check on whether life is emerging from the pots that we somehow found the time to plant up – thanks to my mum, who spends her time searching through the gardening catalogues and designing the garden so that, in time, it will be a joy to behold.

Azalea - doing better than it did last year, despite the weather!

The 'orchard' - pretentious, moi?

A live tree and one playing dead

The magnolia stellata comes into bloom

The pots outside the porch - much admired by all and sundry - the work of my mum

The daffodils bloomed, despite being planted at the last minute



Hyacinths - the smell filled the evening air

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