Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Hot Diggity Dawg

For those millions of readers who think that our dog, the half Yorkshire/half Jack Russell called Sprocket, doesn't feature enough in this blog, here he is having just discovered how to dig the garden.  

Being a terrier, you would expect him to dig.  After all, the word 'terrier' comes from the Latin 'terra', meaning earth, and these dogs were bred to hunt rodents underground.  They are known to have a great instinct to dig, to the point of it becoming a behavioural problem.  However, to date, Sprock has shown no inclination.  He has other behaviour problems to distract him.  

Then yesterday I dug two holes to plant out two rosemary plants that were looking seriously dilapidated in the confines of plastic pots.  Sprocket decided to help.  And he set to with great gusto.  (By the way, the soil looks funny because it is the area where the leylandii trees were and is, therefore, covered in sawdust and shavings still.)

You have to admire his enthusiasm.  His digging was very helpful and the hole was soon big enough to put the rosemary plants in the ground at last.  The only problem was that Sprocket didn't seem to know when to stop.  And carried on digging the plants back out of the ground.  I think he needs to move on from 'Gardening 101: Digging' to 'Gardening 102: Planting'!

By the way, hot diggity dawg - an expression of extra excitement or anticipation, according to the Urban Dictionary.

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