Thursday, 23 January 2014

Dog Shaming

Our little dog, Sprocket, is a bundle of delight and everything that I've always wanted in a dog.  I've always liked Jack Russells.  They're funny and full of character  He is half Jack Russell and half Yorkshire Terrier, so has the cute hairy face and long hair of the latter but the size and colour of the former.  He is sweet natured around the house but getting barkier as he gains in confidence.  He will delicately take treats from your fingers, careful not to nip.  He likes humans, but wants to kill squirrels, cats and other dogs.  And probably most other creatures if he met them.  He is undeterred by the size of said creature.  I admire his chutzpah and wish that I had some of it.  He loves to play, liking nothing better than being chased around the sofa while we try to retrieve a ball or one of his other toys.  And he is naughty.  Not too naughty but naughty enough to make us laugh.  And to join in the fun of 'dog shaming', as seen on Twitter and Facebook, when he misbehaves.

Pet Dog (Stuffed) Bought to Make him Feel Secure; Now a Pile of Rags
My artfully arranged 'knitting basket' was in the sitting room.  Untouched for three years although the half finished jumper is lovely.  Sprocket had been showing interest in it for some time and, while we were out, he decided to practice his knitting.  This photo is taken in my mum's sitting room.  The wool was wound five times round her table...

...then lead through the hall back to the sitting room...

...where it was wound three times round the sofa.  Later, another clump was found upstairs in my study.

The supermarket delivery came and was left in hall while bags were carried to the kitchen.

The ham was vacuum packed in plastic.  It proved no deterrent to a determined Sprocket.

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