Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Foxes in the Snow

A Fox in the Snow

It was eight o'clock in the morning on the Saturday after the Friday snowfall that brought traffic around Highworth to a standstill.  And all was silent and still.  I got out of bed to go and get a cup of tea, stopping by the window to admire the perfect icing of snow covering the garden, deep and crisp and even.  But it wasn't perfect anymore.  It was covered in footprints that led from the fallen-down wall around the lawn and back again.  And the creators of those footprints were still there.  Two foxes.  One a bit scraggy and rabid looking (probably the mother) and the other with a fine coat looking fit and healthy (probably the daughter).  They wandered around the garden for some time, playing in the snow, rolling about and generally enjoying having the garden and the lane to themselves in the daytime.

Two Foxes in the Snow

We took some pictures with Simon's i-phone, which aren't up to my usual standard, obviously.  But, hopefully, you can make out lots of snow and some vague figures that may or may not be foxes.

 I guess that puts paid to my idea of a henhouse.

One Fox in the Henhouse

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