Thursday, 14 February 2013

Danger, Danger!!

The good news is that the insurance company have agreed to pay for the wall.  We've found some builders who provided us with a quote and then made the site safe.  It now looks much more spectacular than it did before.  Previously, we might have got away with claiming that it was a somewhat eccentric rockery.  Now it looks like there's been a major landslide.

The Conservation Officer called and we had a consultation along with the builders.  It looks like the tree will have to go.  It's a self-planted sycamore, growing out of the wall and probably far too close to the house.  And in the way of rebuilding the wall.  But we're in a conservation area so we need to get permission.  And we also need to get planning permission for the repair, along with Listed Building Consent.  The builders have offered to sort this out for us, which is a relief as it probably would have taken us ages, given our busy working lives.  However, it means that there will be a delay of two to three months while we wait to receive the go-ahead.  At least it means that the weather might be more clement!

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