Sunday, 4 August 2013

Walls, I Scream!

I know it's childish but I'm quite pleased with the title of this post.  Say it out loud.

I've fallen behind in my reports on the wall and, to be honest, the scaffolding is long gone and the stonemasons too.  Although they do still need to come back to finish some pointing.  But with builders it is ever thus and we're hoping for this week.  So, some pictures to bring us up to date with the long saga of the collapse of the garden wall and its subsequent repair, which has taken from Christmas until now, August.  And perhaps beyond.  But we hope not.  We have other emergencies to sort out now.

I have never understood that stonemasonry is an art.  But see the last picture of this sequence.  Our wonderful stonemason, Johnny, certainly has an eye for a wall and what makes it look good.  Having gone through this experience, I have paid walls more attention than I ever did before.  Some are not good.  The mortar is wrong.  The arrangement of the stones is wrong.  Johnny knows how to get it right.  Passers-by stop to admire this wall.

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